The Bohemian

I’ve never fit in a societal box, even as a child. I was tenacious, stubborn, and a dreamer. I dressed how I wanted, regardless of the norms of the times and was a voracious reader – from The Black Forest to Robin Hood, Nancy Drew to The Works of Kipling.

As a teen and young woman, I would be a hippie in the morning, a suit-wearing business-woman by day, and a cowgirl shoveling shit and galloping the fields by night.

My voice even has its own personality. People frequently ask, “Where are you from? I can’t place your accent.” I know I’ve absorbed accents from my childhood, parents, and places I’ve lived as an adult.

A Navy brat until five, I was born in Oklahoma, and lived in Norfolk, VA and Memphis, TN, moving to San Jose before I was six when it wasn’t even a gleam in Silicon Valley’s eyes. The poor kids at old Almaden Elementary school had no idea what the hell I was saying when I blurted, “Wannaplaywime?” in my best Memphis drawl.

I’m sure I’ve combined Southern with early San Jose, maybe a little Oki thrown in, and then my stint for five years in Hawaii influenced my speech as well.

I can pidgin, twang, do sultry, Cali, and Ore-gon with the best of them.

So, bohemian. I’m a nurturing empath who can’t stand drama or fighting, but can be tough when needed and won’t bow to pressure when something is against my morals or beliefs. You’ll find me in flowing skirts and dangling earrings – or jeans, boots and a biker’s jacket, then maybe tights, heels and a tunic. Okay, even business casual at the day job.

My drum beats eclectic music and I’ll hug my bohemian roots till I’m old as the hills. Maybe along the way I’ll entertain you – and make some new friends.