Free Museum Tickets for September 24, 2016 – Thanks Smithsonian Magazine!

Do you love to lose yourself in the wonders of a museum? There are so many, large and small, that suck us in and let us lose ourselves in historical wonder, be it textile, technology, farming, or rocks. They’re all wondrous, interesting and amazing.

One museum I would visit every few years was the Rosicrucian Museum in San Jose (although this museum doesn’t seem to be participating). Mummies, faux tomb, artifacts, and a room of artwork. It was always fun to visit!

rosicrucian-museum-2 rosicrucian-museum rosicrucian-museum-1

You’ll have a chance to visit museums for free this September 24th courtesy of the Smithsonian Magazine. Check out the links below to search for a museum and obtain tickets.

A tip on your search, if your zip code doesn’t net any results, use a zip for a major city that is close to you. I don’t think their search algorithms are very forgiving and are pretty specific. Also, don’t click on the down arrow in the State search field, click in the blank space to the left of it. 🙂

Search for museum

Obtain tickets

Have fun and come back to share your stories after your visit!






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