Labor Day Salute

We still have a long way to go in the realm of labor and associated laws, but I’d like to salute those who came before me, who worked tirelessly to demolish child labor, unsafe working conditions, disparity in wages, and a slew of other issues they addressed and fought hard for.

Hats off to Oregon for being the first state to make Labor Day an official public holiday circa 1887.

I’m not saying we don’t still have things to fight for, but at the root of it, the labor movement surged us forward on a wave of progress that was sorely needed at the time and that has greatly benefited us, their descendants.

And that’s what I celebrate today.

Steelworkers kick ass…..

labor day

Oregon really is the Spirit of the West, although this vintage poster isn’t about our fine state….

vintage labour day

Bringing the work day down to a standard 8 hours…..



My Grandpa as a sharecropper in a field of cotton in Ysleta, Texas, circa late ’20s early ’30s (?)

Fred Parry in a field of cotton he raised as a share cropper for a Mr. Homesley near Ysleta, Texas.


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