Harvest Moon – Luminous Lunar Landscape

Tonight’s the night of the August Full Moon!

How often, as a child, did you gaze at the moon trying to discern any facial features? The Man in the Moon has been touted and talked about since Medieval times. For the actual term ‘Man in the Moon’, Dictionary.com has a broad time period of 1275 til 1325. Whenever I’ve heard it mentioned, the man in the moon has been a full face, but back in olden European folklore, they mention the figure of a man, stooped in posture, lugging a burden on his back.

old man in the moon man in the moon

That’s the glory of folklore, mythology and oral history, folks! In different corners of the world, the same terminology will produce vastly different results!

I’ve been fascinated by the moon since I was knee-high to a bent-over old man trudging along with a pack on his back. Even now, when the moon is large and heavy in the night sky, or merely the shape of a curvy skythe, I’ll stop and gaze at it, enraptured by its mystery and magnificence.


This eve is a full moon, and for August that means one of these moon names: Green Corn Moon, Grain Moon, Harvest Moon, Cow Buffalo Moon, Red Moon. Isn’t it marvelous that the majestic moon has been graced with more than one name throughout time?


Did you know there are quite a number of songs about the moon? Indeed there are, and NASA even has a list!

Bad Moon Rising
Bad Side Of The Moon
Bark At The Moon
Black Moon
Can’t Fight The Moonlight
Child Of The Moon
Children Of The Moon
Climbing To The Moon

Not to be outdone by songs, there are moon movies, too. Check them out on IMDB for more info.

For All Mankind
A Grand Day Out
Apollo 13
The Dish
In the Shadow of the Moon
Despicable Me
Transformers: Dark of the Moon
Iron Sky

Below are fun and informative articles about this luminous lunar landscape. Perhaps this eve will find you moongazing and dreaming of the man? Where, you ask, are the best places to view the lunar luminosity? Places around the world listed here!

Green Corn Ceremony

Harvest Moon

Full Moon

Full Moon Monikers

Lunar Folklore

August Full Moon

Moon Phases


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