In a world gone crazy, I hope this little virtual corner of the world will bring you calm, contemplation, a laugh or two, and recipes for not only chocolate goodness, but for finding humor and places of the world to plan an adventure or two.

In this virtual land, we embrace diversity, one’s desire to be unique, to not only dance to your beat, but to own it. Don’t water yourself down to conform to someone else’s idea of you.

I know, we conform to rules at work, to laws and to certain societal conventions – but still….. that doesn’t mean you can’t embrace your soul, who you really are, and give that person permission to just be.

Long before the ‘bohemian style’ became vogue, the original bohemians were gypsies, travelers or refugees from central Europe. They embodied the concept of living and dressing in whatever style they wanted. They were the true ‘bohémiens. They bucked convention without even thinking, or caring, about it.

We can all learn a lesson, ‘take a page from their book’, from these intrepid travelers. Welcome to my corner of the world, where bohemianism is still a way of life, even if we sometimes have to don different temporary cloaks out in the world.

Photo credit – Bing Images: pfauenauge___hippie_heart___mandelbulb_3d_fractal_by_schizo604-d5v5oyw